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Rescue Divas Saving Area’s Future

Ashland County In far northern Wisconsin, a demand for more emergency medical technicians (EMTs) is providing middle school girls with a pain-free opportunity to experience an ambulance ride and see how an emergency room works. With help from a grant provided by UW-Madison, Ashland County EMT Carrie Okey has launched Rescue Divas, a summer camp […]

Rescue Diva Camp Trains Potential Young EMTs

Fox 21 6/15/2016 Author: Nikki Davidson, Anchor/Reporter, ndavidson@kqdsfox21.tv Graham Hakala, Photojournalist, ghakala@kqdsfox21.tv MASON, Wisc. – There is a shortage of EMT workers in the Northland, and a recruitment strategy is bringing summer camp to a whole new level for some young girls. The camp might just help solve a employment problem in the adult world. […]

Rescue Divas is recruiting campers

Ashland Daily Press 4/12/2016 By Sara Chase Since roughly only about one-third of the nation’s emergency medical technicians and paramedics are women, last year Northwest Wisconsin CEP Focused Initiatives Manager and volunteer EMT with the Washburn Area Ambulance Carrie Okey started Rescue Divas. This five-day residential camp experience marked an effort to do something about […]

Rescue Divas shows young girls insights on emergency medical services

Badger Herald 12/3/2015 In an effort to attract more women to emergency medical service fields, an Ashland, Wisconsin summer camp called Rescue Divas is working with middle school girls to pique their interest with funding from the University of Wisconsin Office of Rural Health. Seeing it as an opportunity to do something “totally different,” Carrie […]

From behind the scenes, Office of Rural Health supports EMT recruitment across Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison News 10/29/2015 Helicopters, hazmat suits, fire extinguishers, search-and-rescue dogs — in many places, a summer camp boasting these kinds of things would likely be targeted at boys. But in Ashland, Wis., Rescue Divas is a camp for middle-school girls that aims to attract new recruits to the field of emergency medical services. […]

Rescue Divas

Rescue Divas meets a need – Program aims to address a lack of female EMTs

Ashland Daily Press 6/19/2015 By Sara Chase Approximately only about one-third of the nation’s emergency medical technicians and paramedics are women. Because of that shortage of female emergency medical staff, Carrie Miller, the Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (CEP, Inc.) Focused Initiative Manager and volunteer EMT with the Washburn Area Ambulance, had an idea […]

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Rescue Divas Aims to Recruit Girls for EMS

Fox21Online.com 6/15/2015 ASHLAND, Wis. – It’s a national trend: more men than women working in emergency medical services. In an effort to change that Ashland and Bayfield Counties hosted Rescue Divas. The hands-on event gives young girls a chance to learn a mix of emergency medical services. In total, 20 middle school girls from Ashland […]

Rescue Divas: EMS summer camp for girls set for summer 2015

Sawyer County Record 11/4/2014 Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (CEP, Inc.) recently received an implementation grant from the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health to fund the inaugural session of Rescue Divas: EMS Summer Camp for Girls. The premise of the new camp is to expose middle school girls to careers in emergency medicine in […]