YA – School Information


School Responsibilities:

1. Student Recruitment

Participate recruitment can be done both formally at career fairs, in-school presentations or during other career exploration activities or informally during parent/student meeting or on a one-on-one basis. Full-color brochures can be ordered through the DWD Youth Apprenticeship website to assist in marketing the YA program and local program flyers and information are available at the CEP website (www.nwcep.org).

2. Career Cluster Match

Students interested in participating in the YA program must decide what career cluster their career interests align with. Youth Apprenticeship Programs currently are available in 10 of the 16 nationally stabled Career Clusters

3. Enrollment Timeframes

Students maybe enrolled in the current YA program through March 31st annually. Students enrolling after March 31st will be counted towards the following program/school year.

4. Liaison

Various meetings will be required for student participation. Meetings with the YA Regional Coordinator may include orientation, progress reviews/monitoring and student follow-up.

5. Technical Instruction (Class) Requirements

Students are required to complete two semesters or 180 hours of instruction that teach applicable job skills in their program area. A review of each student’s current and future schedule is necessary to ensure related technical instruction requirements will be met. Past courses taken, not in coordination with active YA Program participation do not count towards the technical instruction. Related Technical Instruction examples can be found in the individual Program Guides Appendix C on the DWD Youth Apprenticeship website.

6. Employer Identification

Local jobs for youth must correlate with YA Program Areas and satisfy the following YA requirements: pay minimum wage or higher, be more than a summer job (students need to be able to apply skills gained in classes to their job), be able to provide opportunities to gain specific program defined competency skills.

7. Employer/Mentor Orientation

All employers must participate in a mentor orientation prior to student enrollment into the YA Program. Employers receive a Handbook for Employees and YA program requirements for employers are reviewed

8. Monitoring/Progress Review

Quarterly in correlation with school terms/semesters documenting student progress is required. Information to be collected and shared with the YA Regional Coordinator includes: up-to-date hours worked since the start of the YA enrollment, general (formal or informal) on-the-job performance information (optional employee evaluation form available on the CEP website) and school performance status (general).

9. Student Support Services Claims

Each school affiliated with the CEP Youth Apprenticeship (YA) Consortium may submit a Purchase Order request for Student Support Service funds to aid in the successful program completion and recruitment of students associated with the YA Program.

One Purchase Order per student actively enrolled in the Youth Apprenticeship Program should be submitted to the CEP administration office within 60 days of enrollment. ALL Student Support Service claims must be submitted to CEP by May 1st each year.

The amount requested for each student by each school district is based on the YA grant awarded annually to CEP by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). In-school Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators will be advised as the amount is adjusted.

Student Support Service funds must be used to support and recruit Youth Apprenticeship students. Funds may be used for:

  • All costs associated with the related instruction (high school or contracted costs, cost of curriculum, student handbooks, books, etc.);
  • Other student-related materials and supplies;
  • Costs of recruiting new students (such as brochures, mailings, student/parent meetings);
  • All school-based coordination and supervision.

Purchase order requests should be printed on school letterhead and numbered for tracking purposes. All requests should be sent by May 1st to:

Youth Apprenticeship Program
Attn: Maryann Dietrich
P.O. Box 616
Ashland, WI 54806

10. Grievance Policy

The CEP Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Grievance Policys provides for a standardized, equitable system in which an individual can present an issue associated with their YA participation for review and resolution. Participant members having a complaint or grievance shall utilize the procedure available online (www.nwcep.org) in seeking resolutions to problems concerning them.