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Northwest Wisconsin CEP has four main offices in Ashland, Park Falls, Spooner and Superior along with additional support in Hayward, Medford and Ladysmith.

For general inquiries and for posting to our in-person and online Job Boards, reach out directly to one of our offices. For individual staff and/or programs, please see details below for specific contact information (click on names to reach by email).

Ashland CEP Office / CEP Administration Office
Physical Address:
422 3rd Street West, Suite 200
Ashland, WI 54806
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 616
Ashland, WI 54806
715-682-9141 or 888-780-4237 (toll-free)
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Facebook Jobs Group for Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties:
Park Falls CEP Office
Physical Address:
City Hall, 400 South 4th Avenue
Park Falls, WI 54552
Mailing Address:
PO Box 337
Park Falls, WI 54552
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Facebook Jobs Group for Price and Taylor Counties:
Spooner CEP Office
Physical Address:
522 Service Road
Spooner, WI 54801
Mailing Address:
PO Box 297
Spooner, WI 54801
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Facebook Jobs Group for Burnett and Washburn Counties:
Facebook Jobs Group for Sawyer and Rusk Counties:
Superior CEP Office
1805 N. 14th Street
Superior, WI 54880
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Facebook Jobs Group for Douglas County:

Our Assistant Career Planners, Career Planners and Customer Service Representatives are here to assist you based on location.

Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties:
Breezy Bonneville, Assistant Career Planner, 715-979-5116 or 715-682-9141 x5116
Tom Kovach, Career Planner, 218-302-4981 or 715-682-9141 x4981

Price and Taylor Counties:
Jennifer Schuelke, Assistant Career Planner, 715-744-7010 or 715-762-2477 x7010
Stacey Plemon, Career Planner, 302-564-9675 or 715-762-2477 x8675

Rusk and Washburn Counties:
Janell Sacharski, Assistant Career Planner, 715-416-6001 or 715-635-2175 x6001
Jane Thompson, Career Planner, 715-416-6006 or 715-635-2175 x6006

Burnett and Sawyer Counties:
Sandy Lang, Career Planner, 715-416-6003 or 715-635-2175 x6003

Douglas County:
Jane Ehlers, Assistant Career Planner, 715-392-1472 or 715-392-6127 x1472
Nikki Gonalakis, Career Planner, 715-392-3014 or 715-392-6127 x3014
Kathy Brown, Customer Service Representative, 715-392-6762 or 715-392-7800

For the FSET (FoodShare Employment and Training) Program, contact one of our FSET Work Readiness Specialists based on county:
Shawn Morgan, Price and Rusk Counties, 715-413-2089
Trixie Posta, Douglas County, 715-718-4839
Kevin Seefeldt, Ashland, Bayfield and Iron Counties, 715-413-1249
Leslie Arf, Burnett, Washburn and Sawyer Counties, 715-539-6298

For the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, contact:
David Hibbard, Vocational Rehabilitation Placement Coordinator, 715-575-1297

For Youth programs such as Youth Apprenticeship, Crex Meadows Youth Camp and YouthBuild, contact:
Travis Patterson, Youth Services Specialist, 715-979-5118 or 715-682-9141 x5118
Sara White, Youth Services Specialist, 715-392-6081 or 715-392-6127 x6081
Crex Meadows Youth Camp Facebook page:
Rescue Divas EMS Camp For Girls Facebook page:

For the Transitional Jobs Program, contact:
Winnie Momberg, Business Services Manager, 715-744-7011 or 715-762-2477 x7011

CEP Transitional Jobs Program Facebook page:

Additional Staff:
Jeff Muse, Executive Director, 715-979-5113 or 715-682-9141 x5113
Jenny Decker, Executive Assistant, 715-979-5117 or 715-682-9141 x5117
Skyler Dural-Eder, Human Resources Director, 715-575-6778 or 715-682-9141 x6778
Nathaniel Melton, Correctional Services Specialist, 715-416-6002 or 715-635-2175 x6002
Bev Pufall, Accounting Clerk, 715-979-5119 or 715-682-9141 x5119
Sue Stephens, Regional Manager, 715-979-5120 or 715-682-9141 x5120
Laura Sullivan, Regional Manager, 715-869-4116 or 715-635-2175 x4116
Lauren Wolfe-Micek, Accounting Clerk, 715-979-5121 or 715-682-9141 x5121
Mary Zinnecker, Information Manager, 715-979-5122 or 715-682-9141 x5122

For our partners at the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, please visit here.

If you need help with unemployment, go online at or call (414) 435-7069 or toll-free (844) 910-3661 during their business hours Monday – Friday 7:35 am – 3:30 pm.