Career Exploration and Trainings

Northwest Wisconsin CEP partners on many career exploration events and trainings throughout the year for both youth and adults. Some are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Held during school year in all CEP Counties
Job Skill Training
HIRED is a fun and interactive program to help prepare students with the skills they will need to be successful in their first jobs and future jobs. The workshop focuses on developing soft skills including basic communication, financial literacy and customer service skills. Upon completion, students receive a certificate verifying they are ’ready for hire.’

Rescue Divas

Held during summer for middle school girls in Ashland & Bayfield counties
Emergency Medical Career Exploration
Rescue Divas is a five day residential camp experience, focusing on educating and exciting middle school age girls about careers (or volunteer positions) in Emergency Medicine.  Throughout the week, girls will participate in exploratory, hands-on activities that focus on a variety of skills and knowledge needed in Emergency Medical careers.  During the week, they will earn certification in First Aid, CPR and AED use.

Past Programs

Medical Discovery Days
2-day Healthcare Workshop
Students will learn about the availability of healthcare careers, skills required and associated benefits. They will get hands-on experience as they go behind the scenes of a hospital, clinic, and/or nursing home facility and meet and interact with professionals on the job.  Participants will also tour area colleges and programs and learn how to prepare for careers in the region.

Diva Tech
Non-traditional Careers Event
Female students (grades 9-12) will participate in a fun and educational event that will expose them to non-traditional careers. Students will spend the day learning about WITC programs on campus, tour local businesses and participate in hands-on activities in IT-Network Specialist, Machine Tool Operation, Marine Repair Technician, Welding and more.

Mythbusting Manufacturing
Explore Careers in Manufacturing
In the past few decades manufacturing jobs have transformed from dirty, dumb, low-paying jobs to advanced, skill-driven, high-paying careers in state of the art facilities. This fun, interactive event strives to help break myths about manufacturing and expose youth to manufacturing career opportunities in the region.