Application Instructions

Applications for Northwest Wisconsin CEP are provided in a fillable PDF format, which allows applicants to enter data directly into the form using their computer and Adobe Reader. Applicants are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all information provided in any application.

Completing Fillable PDF Application Forms

Applicants should review the following instructions for successfully completing the fillable PDF forms on CEP’s website:

•Use only the latest version of Adobe Reader to complete the application. Macintosh and Windows versions of the free Adobe Reader are available from Adobe at
•Avoid completing the application online within your web browser using a built-in PDF viewer, or by using MAC Preview (Macintosh OS).
•Before completing the application, save the application form (PDF format) to a drive or location on your computer (e.g., Local Disk (C:), My Documents folder). The Save button provided on the form will open a Save As dialog box, which will allow you to save the application to a desired location on your computer. If viewing the form in a built-in PDF viewer (e.g., Chrome, FireFox), right-click the PDF and select Save asor Save Page As. Make sure the Save as type is set to Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf).

Alternatively, you may save the PDF form without opening the file in either Adobe Reader or in any built-in PDF viewer. Simply right-clickon the hyperlink for the PDF form and then choose the Save link as… or Save target as… option.
•Note the file name and location of the saved file.
•Once you have saved the application to your computer, you are ready to complete the form. Please be advised that the fillable PDF forms will not automatically save. It is strongly recommended that you periodically save data entered into a form by using the Save button on the form, or by clicking File > Save (or Save As) on the Adobe Reader menu bar. Use the same file name and location from the previous step.
•After you have completed the application, save a final version of the file to your computer.

E-mailing Completed Fillable PDF Application Forms

After you have completed the form and saved a final version of the file to your computer, you may then e-mail the PDF file saved application as an attachment via either a desktop e-mail client (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) or Web e-mail account (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo Mail).

For more information, contact:

Cory Kempf
Human Resource Manager
Northwest Wisconsin CEP
1805 N. 14th Street
Superior, WI 54880