About Northwest Wisconsin CEP

Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (Northwest Wisconsin CEP or CEP), a federally designated 501(C)(3) private non-profit corporation, has administered federal, state, and private foundation funded workforce development programs for more than 40 years with a history of excellence, innovation, and accountability.


To strengthen the economy of Northwest Wisconsin, by providing effective and efficient workforce development services to businesses and workers.


CEP was developed out of the 1960s “Great Society” legislation called the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). In 1982, experience with CETA led to the enactment of the federal Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), which replaced CETA. In 1998, JTPA was replaced by the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). In 2015, WIA was replaced by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) which CEP currently maintains in our region. There are only three CEPs remaining in the nation. Although there have been many changes in federal workforce legislation, the primary focus of CEP has remained to provide employment and training services to unemployed and underemployed adults and youth.

CEP serves an area with a population of 175,000 individuals in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor and Washburn counties of Northwest Wisconsin, encompassing a 10,000 square mile area. CEP has built positive partner relationships in northern Wisconsin through services provided at four main locations and an additional four outreach locations.

The CEP Board of Directors is comprised of the Local Elected Officials (LEO) and other interest groups from the ten counties in which CEP has operations. Therefore, the Board of Directors is actively involved in insuring the mission and goals of CEP are achieved to the benefit of the citizens of northern Wisconsin.

CEP is well versed in formula-funded and competitive grant programs with a background of excellence in administering multiple programs. It has received numerous program-related awards from the Department of Labor and has enjoyed over 20 consecutive years of perfect audits without findings from the prestigious accounting firm of WIPFLI of Madison, WI.

CEP staff consists of highly trained, dedicated, competent individuals with 100s of years of combined experience with CEP.

Along with providing employment and training activities to citizens in our region, CEP also works with other programs such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Pathways to Independence, and the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Using a client-based case management system, CEP staff track worker training, expenses and outcomes, providing real time evaluation data useful to all programs. The agency’s partners include service providers for people with disabilities, veterans, at risk youth, students, older workers, and the general public. This strategic placement provides a significant advantage in connecting potential users of workforce development services and other work related services in the region of Northwest Wisconsin.


Bill Kacvinsky, Chairman, Private Business Representative
David Willingham, Vice Chairman, Rusk County Representative/CBO Representative
Thomas Mackie, Secretary, Washburn County Representative
Dee Gokee-Rindal, Female and Education Representative
Kay Pluemer, Price County Representative
Donna K. Williamson, Ashland County Representative
Joe Pinardi, Iron County Representative
Dan Makosvsky, Taylor County Representative
Emmett Byrne, Burnett County Representative
Brian Goodwin, Bayfield County Representative
William Voight, Sawyer County Representative
Charlie Glazman, Douglas County Representative
Ed Songetay, Tribal Representative

The CEP Board of Directors generally meets on the third Wednesday every other month or at the call of the Chairperson.

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Past Meeting Minutes:
(Minutes are approved at the following meeting)



Jeff Muse, CEP Executive Director
Mari Kay-Nabozny, NWWIB, Inc. Chief Executive Officer

Cammy Bauer, FSET Work Readiness Specialist – Burnett County
Melissa Burris, NWWIB, Inc. Communications & Projects Coordinator
Connie Constantine, Regional Manager
Jenny Decker, Executive Assistant
Lindsey Dobson, Workforce Resource Specialist – Superior Office
Skyler Dural-Eder, Project Director – Health Insurance Initiatives
Nikki Gonalakis, FSET Work Readiness Specialist – Superior Office
Tasha Hagberg, Employer Resource Consultant
Andrea Huggenvik, NWWIB, Inc. Industry Sector Coordinator
Cory Kempf, Human Resource Manager/EEO Officer
Josh Kinneman, Youth Services Specialist
Tom Kovach, Workforce Systems Specialist – Ashland Office
Sandy Lang, Workforce Systems Specialist – Hayward & Spooner Offices
Maryann Ledin, Finance Director
Rachel Lee, Accounting Clerk/Customer Service Representative
Fawn Lowney, Workforce Systems Specialist – Superior Office
Nathaniel Melton, Correctional Services Specialist – Spooner Office
Winnie Momberg, FSET Work Readiness Specialist – Washburn & Sawyer Counties
Stacey Plemon, Workforce Systems Specialist – Medford & Park Falls Offices
Kayla Poppe, FSET Work Readiness Specialist – Price/Taylor/Rusk Counties
Joleen Prentice, Workforce Monitoring Coordinator
Bev Pufall, Accounting Clerk
Tom Pufall, Workforce Systems Specialist – Ashland Office
Janell Sacharski, Workforce Resource Specialist – Spooner Office
Nikki Singer, Workforce Resource Specialist – Park Falls Office
Kevin Seefeldt, FSET Work Readiness Specialist – Ashland Office
Sue Stephens, Regional Manager
Jane Thompson, Workforce Systems Specialist – Spooner & Ladysmith Offices
Mary Zinnecker, Information Manager